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Massage & Therapy 

My entry into the world of massage started in 2010 with a Shiatsu course. It increased interest towards oriental therapies. Years after, on a trip thru Thailand, i discovered the traditional Thai massage method Nuad Boran and this changed my life.Course by course, I learned to refine the technique of this beautiful art that has been practised for millennia and that gives me so much satisfaction to share with my patients. 


- Oil Thai massage -  LoiKroh Traditional Thai Massage & Yoga, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2019

- Advanced Traditional Thai Massage - LoiKroh Traditional Thai Massage & Yoga, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2019

- Thai Massage using feet - Rak Saeng, Madrid 2018

- Oriental facial massage - 2018

- Lanna Tok Sen massage - 2018

- Thai Acupressure - Rak Saeng, Madrid 2017

- Traditional Thai Massage, Rak Saeng, Madrid, 2017

- Thai Reflexology - Rak Saeng, Madrid 2017

Speaks FR / EN / ES / PT

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